Trash to Action: Using Trash Data to Take Informed Action for Your Waterways

Trash is one of the most visible and abundant forms of pollution that our waterways and communities face today. Trash is a water quality issue, yet it is rarely treated as such. Who wants to swim, paddle, fish, or live near a waterway lined with trash? The Clean Water Act protects against water pollution – and trash pollution should be no exception.

In this webinar, we’ll hear from local groups who are putting their trash monitoring data to action by highlighting trash hotspots, categorizing types of trash, identify patterns, and advocating for change and protections to their waterways. Join us and learn how you too can use trash data and the Clean Water Act to take action!


  • Ellen Kohler, The Water Center at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Martha Narvaez, University of Delaware’s Water Resources Center
  • Christian Murphy, Bronx River Alliance
  • Rosana Da Silva, Hudson River Foundation
  • Karla Noboa, River Network

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