Webinar: Understanding Gentrification and Displacement – The Path to Equitable Development

This recorded webinar frames the topics of gentrification and displacement and provides an example of the types of multi-sector partnerships that urban waters practitioners can create to ease displacement pressures. Presenters Paulina Lopez and Robin Schwartz from the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition/TAG (Seattle, WA) share why this is an issue of concern is one they are paying increasing attention to as a river-focused organization. Chris Schildt from PolicyLink addresses the drivers behind displacement, how gentrification and displacement are related and different, and policies and/or practices that can be enabled to ease displacement pressures. Exploring these topics further, Tony Defalco from Verde shares information about a multi-sector partnership called Living Cully. In the Cully neighborhood of Portland, Living Cully partners strive to balance environmental investments, equitable development and anti-displacement goals.


Paulina Lopez, Executive Director & Robin Schwartz, Communications Manager, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition/TAG
Chris Schildt, Senior Associate, Policy Link
Tony DeFalco, Executive Director, Verde

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This webinar is the first in a series hosted by the Urban Waters Learning Network, as part of an effort to dig deeper into a topic that has long been a concern of our members: the gentrification and displacement of people that we see taking place in our urban communities, oftentimes following efforts to revitalize and reinvest in the places we call home. We are addressing this topic through this webinar series, blog posts, Impact Stories, and other resources.

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