Using 401 Water Quality Certification on Nationwide Permits

Date Recorded: February 16, 2011
Level: Intermediate
Region(s): all

This will be a 101-level training focused on the 401 water quality certification under the Clean Water Act. It will be suitable for river and watershed organizations, land trusts, tribal governments, and wildlife or lands groups interested in better understanding the power of one of the Clean Water Act’s core programs. What will you learn in this webinar:

  • The basic federal requirements of the water quality certification policies, and how those are often applied at the state level.
  • Mechanisms for public input and influence in certification.
  • A summary of the status of 401 certification in states around the country, with a focus on the West.
  • Examples of how watershed groups and others have used the power of certification to protect wetlands, in-stream flow, and more.
  • Where to find more resources to dive in deeper on the issue.

Resource Materials