Webinar: How Much is A River Worth? Understanding the Economic Impact of the Huron River and Water Trail

In 2016, the Huron River Watershed Council (HRWC) commissioned a unique study to measure the economic impact of the river on local communities, focusing on Huron River Water Trail activities and the value of natural systems that maintain a healthy, clean river. Through The Economic Impact of the HURON RIVER study, a Grand Valley State University research team quantified the recreation-related spending attributed to the Huron River and the value of the river’s ecosystem services.  They found the river’s contribution to the local economy to be enormous.

Having clear and trusted information about the economic value of your river can help support your conservation message, engage new partners, and guide future investments.  In this webinar, recorded on December 2017, you’ll learn the details of how the study was conducted, its key findings and how HRWC anticipates using the information to support its ongoing work. This webinar was sponsored by the National Water Trails Peer Network, a peer network for Trail Managers of the National Water Trails System.


  • Elizabeth Riggs, Huron River Watershed Council Deputy Director
  • Dr. Paul Isely, Grand Valley State University Associate Dean and Principle Investigator

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