Carly SchmidtOperations and Membership Associate

Carly Schmidt

Boulder, Colorado

Carly works from the Boulder office to provide support to River Network members. Carly comes to River Network from the nonprofit sector in Austin, Texas. Her experience includes creating content for the Project WILD environmental education guides, leading and administering STEM education programs, and managing operations for a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Carly is thrilled to begin supporting the fantastic organizations across the country that serve to protect the most precious earth resource. Originally from Ontario, Canada, Carly grew up rowing and sailing on Lake Ontario. She let her profound appreciation for aquatic ecosystems lead her to pursue a master’s degree in environmental sciences and policy, where she focused her coursework in watershed restoration and hydrogeology. She quickly realized that a passion for watershed protection is not enough to protect these vast, dynamic, and life-giving systems. The mechanism she has focused on as a means to slow widespread environmental degradation is environmental education. Carly evaluated a restoration-based environmental education program in Patagonia, Arizona for her master’s thesis. This transformative experience demonstrated the power of community and solidified her commitment to grassroots conservation initiatives.

Carly lives with her husband in Denver, Colorado and spends her time being active and pursuing creative projects.