Erin WallResearch and Communications Assistant

    Erin Wall

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Erin believes the best way to protect our precious rivers is to foster environmental stewardship by engaging citizens at a local level through on the ground conservation efforts. At the River Network, Erin acts as the bridge between the Leadership Development and Science & Policy teams.

    Prior to joining the River Network, Erin spent several years in Montana engaging in local and statewide conservation efforts. She was an AmeriCorps member with the Big Sky Watershed Corps program, Forest Service technician, and worked for Montana State University Extension’s Water Quality program. At MSU Extension, she administered a statewide well testing program, provided technical assistance to watershed organizations for their monitoring efforts and data visualization, and developed guidance documents for citizen science programs.

    She also served as the Training Work Group leader and interim Executive Director for the Montana Watershed Coordination Council where she organized in-person and online trainings for watershed coordinators and conservation specialists across the state.

    Although Erin always fascinated by the natural world, her passion for watershed conservation was not discovered until she studied abroad in New Zealand. Learning about the delicate balance of humans and the natural environment in the field based program led her to receive her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Chemistry from the University of Georgia in 2012.

    In her free time, Erin enjoys cooking, knitting, ceramics, yoga, and spending as much time in the mountains as possible.