Our Story

Protecting Our Waterways

Our rivers are in trouble – over half of the waters in the US are of poor quality and cannot support healthy aquatic life. A growing number of watersheds are stressed because our demand for water is exceeding natural supply. We can and must do more to protect our waterways.

Since 1988, River Network has been at the forefront of expanding national interest in protecting the waters of our country, encouraging diversity in the environmental movement, and helping engaged citizens take a stand for their waters. We accomplish our mission by investing in local protection and restoration efforts and helping advance these efforts at different levels (system, state, regional, national).

The challenges that face our local water caretakers today are more complex than ever before. We can do more to provide them with the support and capacity they need to make a difference, and the inspiration and celebration necessary to keep going. We support conservation efforts from their very beginnings and throughout their journey to success. We offer local caretakers one-on-one mentoring and consulting, trainings, conferences and events to strengthen their efforts; convene river and watershed groups for greater impact; and increase the implementation of practical water management solutions.

A Better Future

Our goal – whether through this website, River Rally, our quarterly newsletter, our new ideas and innovations forum, or the grants and services we deliver – is to grow our community, our approaches, and our coalitions to deliver a future of clean and ample water for people and nature. We are committed to delivering ongoing exposure to best practices, new ideas, tools and resources to those who join us along the way.

Where we stand today would not be possible but for our early history and the courageous efforts of those who have led River Network during the past 30 years. We are in their debt.