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River Voices is River Network’s free quarterly e-magazine. We use this publication for sharing deep thinking, fresh ideas, and compelling stories relating to topics of interest to river and water champions. You can read our most recent issues by selecting from the list below, visit our archive to view earlier issues, and subscribe to receive new issues of River Voices, as well as our monthly River Currents e-newsletter, directly to your inbox. There’s something for everyone!

River Voices July 2017 Issue: 2017 River Heroes

This issue of River Voices features our 2017 River Heroes – Angie Rosser, Denny Caneff, David Deen, David Sligh, and Margaret Frisbie. Not only do we have their stories, but we have videos of their acceptance speeches as well as videos of our Compton River Achievement Award winner and the plenaries from the conference. We are incredibly grateful to share some of the magic from River Rally 2017, expanding the potential for this content to make a difference, providing an infusion of hope and the elixir of possibility to those who need it most.

River Voices April 2017 Issue: Water Equity And Civic Engagement

We believe that access to affordable clean water and healthy rivers is a fundamental human right. Like other human rights, we must be prepared to assert and defend this right. By listening, we can hear the concerns of the communities we are part of; and by working together, we can influence elected officials and resource managers to address these disparities. The articles in this issue of River Voices provide examples of places where access to affordable clean water is not equal, and how civic engagement is making a difference. These articles underscore the variety of ways to become involved, including seeking public office. We hope that this issue sparks your curiosity and encourages you to continue exploring. Water is life.

River Voices January 2017 Issue: Integrated Water Management

In this issue of River Voices, we have a great collection of articles from a diverse set of contributors, all with decades of experience and insight on what integrated water management means and why it is important. From the nonprofit sector and foundation perspective, to consultants and utilities, each article is easy to access, fast-paced, and full of links and new information to introduce you to and expand your understanding of integrated water management.

River Voices October 2016 Issue: Science for River Advocates

In this issue of River Voices, we have a great collection of articles from leading scientific voices to get you thinking about how our rivers work, how we use science to help spark our communities and our society to do more, and opportunities to deploy science to better communicate what our rivers need to remain healthy, thriving, and sustainably managed.

River Voices July 2016 Issue: Climate Change and Resilience

As we face a future with more extreme events, we can expect more people to become climate refugees. What are we going to do to prepare our communities, to help reduce the risk to the most vulnerable, and build back into our ecosystems the ability to absorb the impact of these changes? Can we have both healthy rivers and resilient communities? The articles in this quarter’s River Voices explore these challenges from a variety of different perspectives.

River Voices April 2016 Issue: Restoring Flows to Our Rivers

The articles in this issue are designed to expand your understanding of where and why our rivers are in trouble – and what you can do to make a difference. We must know how much water our rivers need and what we can do to return this water after use or to reduce withdrawals. And of course, who we can collaborate with for lasting change.

River Voices January 2016 Issue: Disaster Preparedness

We can do more to prepare for disasters and build resiliency into our ecosystems to help protect people from danger. We can also build resiliency into the social systems that we need to recover more quickly. Both investments are crucial to building a more sustainable future for people and nature. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to build your own disaster response plan, to identify who you will work with to assure your river is restored after disaster strikes, and to help engage your community in this rebuilding process.

River Voices October 2015 Issue: Diversity and Inclusiveness

We need organizations that are welcome to people of all colors and identities and bring everyone access to healthy rivers, just like we need our society to embrace everyone equally. This issue of River Voices explores the changing nature of society, simple ways to start building a more diverse and inclusive movement, and incredibly evocative personal stories. As with all issues of River Voices, we hope these articles inspire you to explore further and even transform your path moving forward.

River Voices July 2015 Issue: Green Infrastructure and Urban Rivers

What would happen if we tried a different approach with the waters that pass through our cities? What if instead of turning our back on these waters and managing them for fast exit from our urban areas, we turned toward them? What if instead of pushing them underground and into pipes and concrete, we brought them out into the open? Could we bring back their ecological function while also delivering benefit to our communities?

River Voices April 2015 Issue: Water Security and Sustainability

River Voices Newsletter, April 2015

We have collected a great set articles to get you thinking about whether we have ample water in our rivers for people and nature, what do we when the answer is no, tools for determining how your river is doing and how much water your river needs, and some new perspectives. We don’t attempt to provide you with definitive answers or all perspectives. Rather, we hope to inspire you to explore further.