River Rally Program

Call for River Rally 2019 Workshop Proposals Closed

Workshop proposals are in and we are reviewing all 222! We look forward to announcing the River Rally 2019 program in January. Stay tuned.

River Rally 2019 Program Themes |  Cleveland, OH | June 21 – 24

River Rally provides unique spaces in which river and water champions from across the country come together to learn from experts and one another, especially through concurrent workshops. This year’s workshop themes are:

Working with Farmers and Ranchers –  We all need food and fiber, but what does it take to have agriculture and healthy rivers exist side-by-side? We invite workshops for this theme that show what is possible in collaboration with farmers and ranchers, how considerations of equity and justice relate in rural landscapes, how communities have stood-up against bad actors, and how to build thriving partnerships that result in improvements to water contamination and river flows.

Building Resilient Cities and Communities – With increasing numbers of cities and communities vulnerable to floods and droughts, we are seeking your insights for how to build resiliency into plans for the future. Are you working to build a future for your community where the river contributes to its economic and social vitality? Are you working to reduce harm to the most vulnerable members of your community? We invite workshops that connect to these and related considerations.

Pursuing Safe, Clean and Affordable Drinking Water – Everyone needs safe, clean and affordable water to drink. However, drinking water may not be as safe as generations of Americans have come to expect and a growing number of people in our country face unaffordable water bills while water utilities struggle to fund maintenance or replace aging pipes. How do we address these challenges in both urban and rural areas? If your work touches these and other related challenges, we invite your workshop submission.

Advancing Robust and Effective Water Laws and Policies – Does your work include empowering citizens, organizations, and governments to protect, strengthen, and implement water laws and policies? Does your work include new water law and policy innovations that support conservation or address concerns of those who are more vulnerable due to income, influence, or discrimination? If you have specific experience that relates to these topics, we encourage your workshop submission.

Expanding Impact through Science, Technology, and Monitoring – Workshops in this track will share innovations, best practices, and success stories about scientific and technical approaches, highlighting tools and resources river champions and water advocates can use to expand their impact on the ground and in their organization.

Sustaining Strong Leaders, Organizations and Coalitions – Workshops under this theme will offer information and skill-building opportunities on leadership and professional development, organizational and financial health, EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion), and topics in management, fundraising and communications to help nonprofit board and staff members be more effective in their river and watershed work.