Freshwater Future

Freshwater Future (Petoskey, Michigan). Freshwater Future, the inaugural organizational recipient of the River Hero award, is a dynamic and impactful organization operating across the Great Lakes states. With a mission to address pressing issues such as drinking water contamination, water affordability, and climate change threats, Freshwater Future demonstrates unwavering dedication to improving water quality for both people and ecosystems. Their collaborative and tenacious staff work tirelessly to uplift local leaders, provide capacity building support through innovative programs like Voice Builder, and establish Community Water Councils to empower residents in connecting with policymakers and understanding water issues. Through creative partnerships, grants for grassroots advocacy, and amplification of diverse voices, Freshwater Future deeply engages with communities and national coalitions rooted in principles of justice, equity, and environmental stewardship. Their impactful work sets a high standard for water advocacy.

The Freshwater Future team.