Sharee Harrison

Sharee Harrison leads youth from the Orange and East Orange community in the South Mountain Reservation along the Fairy Trail. Trail Mix serves as a guided tour for youth, seniors, and everyone in between to be introduced or rediscover the accessible land preserved close to them.

Sharee Harrison (she/her), Founder of Orange Trail Mix (Orange, New Jersey). Sharee Harrison is a passionate community leader in Orange, NJ, founding Orange Trail Mix to grant underprivileged families access to South Mountain Reservation. Her tours explore local history, the Rahway River, and the city’s water system, expanding outreach to East Orange and Newark. Sharee orchestrated a cleanup of the Rahway River, uniting Orange, West Orange, developers, and officials for an environmental triumph. As a volunteer master gardener at Ben Jones Community Garden, she fosters intergenerational connections through produce giveaways and events. Sharee’s inclusive initiatives like the Harvest Festival and involvement in Music City celebrate community cohesion. Beyond environmental advocacy, she champions language learning and fights displacement with Planning To Stay, successfully preventing zoning issues and reshaping the river area. Through Trail Mix, Sharee introduces BIPOC communities to preserved lands, highlighting the importance of green spaces. Her dedication to amplifying marginalized voices and fostering accountability sets a powerful precedent for grassroots movements nationwide.