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River Rally is the premier national annual conference for over 8,500 nonprofit organizations, utilities, tribes, water authorities, and others working at the local level for cleaner and healthier rivers across the United States. Your dollars for River Rally will:

  • Provide a valuable experience with low registration costs making this event accessible to all
  • Demonstrate your commitment to social and environmental responsibility
  • Increase your foundation or company’s exposure to a national audience

Over the course of this high-value event, approximately 500 attendees will discuss urgent water issues, and we’ll share what we learn with our 13k social media followers. River Rally will provide and expand access to the practical knowledge and hope essential to a future where healthier rivers and clean water are paramount. Everyone plays a vital role in this future, including national corporations, local businesses, and foundations.

Interested in becoming a River Rally Sponsor? Contact us to discuss how we can meet your philanthropic and marketing goals through either our standard sponsor benefits or new opportunities for more tailored, memorable sponsorship opportunities.

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