How We Help

River Network has provided guidance on clean water and restoration approaches for nearly 20 years. Learn about the expert support we provide to help keep water clean.

Water drains

Policy Change

Our policy work achieves results by empowering groups with the best information from around the country, providing groups greater access to existing laws and regulations, and identifying which state and federal policies need stronger enforcement to achieve water quality goals.  

Green water

Science Support

River Network provides support to groups on the ground seeking to bring science into their efforts to advocate for healthy rivers. Whether you just have a quick question, are looking for in-depth training and education opportunities, or need external scientific support into an upcoming project, River Network is ready to help.  

People river rafting.

Networking & Learning

Facilitating communities of practice, learning networks, and coalitions for greater impact has been part of River Network’s DNA since our inception. Sometimes we are the convener or facilitator and in other times we may be a contributor.