AB 2312

Signed into law 9/27/2002 

Established an Environmental Justice Small Grant Program at CalEPA (required CalEPA to adopt regulations for the implementation of the Program). Nonprofits and federally recognized tribal governments are eligible for the grants (max of $20,000), the purpose of which is to address EJ issues in areas adversely affected by environmental pollution and hazards.  

Funding may be used to: “Resolve environmental problems through distribution of information. Identify improvements in communication and coordination among agencies and stakeholders in order to address the most significant exposure to pollution. Expand the understanding of a community about the environmental issues that affect their community. Develop guidance on the relative significance of various environmental risks. Promote community involvement in the decision-making process that affects the environment of the community. Present environmental data for the purposes of enhancing community understanding of environmental information systems and environmental information.” 

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