Executive Order N-10-19


The Executive Order directed applicable agencies to develop a Water Resilience Portfolio for the 21st century, embodying these principles:

a. Prioritize multi-benefit approaches that meet multiple needs at once.
b. Utilize natural infrastructure such as forests and floodplains.
c. Embrace innovation and new technologies.
d. Encourage regional approaches among water users sharing
e. Incorporate successful approaches from other parts of the world.
f. Integrate investments, policies and programs across state
g. Strengthen partnerships with local, federal and tribal governments,
water agencies and irrigation districts, and other stakeholders

  • Action Agency(ies): The California Natural Resources Agency, the California EnvironmentalProtection Agency, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, inconsultation with the Department of Finance
  • Policy Champions: Governor Newsom
  • Read the full policy language

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