Advocacy 102: Boards + Advocacy = A Winning Strategy

Thinking about dipping your organizational toe into the world of advocacy or expanding your advocacy work? This online training builds upon the webinar short, “Yes You Can: Advocacy Basics for Beginners,” seen above. In this full-length live webinar, we’ll delve into how to involve your Board of Directors to both protect and promote your organization’s work.

River Network staff will cover specific topics including board policies to adopt if you are exploring advocacy or lobbying activities, how to educate and involve your board in your existing advocacy efforts, and ways to weave advocacy into your organization’s culture. We’ll explain the “why” of board advocacy, provide actionable next steps to take with board members, and explore advocacy training topics to set you up for success.

This webinar is part two of the three-part series, The What, Who, and How of Nonprofit Advocacy Work. To learn more and watch the other webinars in this series, click here.

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