Webinar: Engaging Elected Officials in Your Work

This webinar was sponsored by the Urban Waters Learning Network and recorded on May 19, 2015.

Description: This recorded webinar covers various aspects of engaging elected officials in urban waters work. Sven-Erik Kaiser provides guidance and tips for how to best approach this very specific type of outreach, how to prepare and conduct meetings with officials and considerations for building long-term relations with them. Keely Monroe provides an overview of the difference between general advocacy and legally defined “lobbying” and shares resources to help participants understand IRS lobbying rules and restrictions for nonprofits. Rick Magder shares his experience engaging elected officials in the Saw Mill River daylighting project and navigating those relationships, which helped turn a $5,000 seed grant into what is today a $19 million Saw Mill River daylighting project in the City of Yonkers, NY.

Presenters: Sven-Erik Kaiser, U.S. EPA Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations; Keely Monroe, Alliance for Justice; Rick Magder, Groundwork Hudson Valley.

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