River Voices Volume 8 Number 4, 1998: Getting the Most out of Your Event

Table of Contents

1 Getting the Most out of Your Event by Dave Bassage

1  10 types of events by Kathy Luscher and Pat Munoz

2  From the President

3  Floating Your Message by Rita Haberman

10 Rio Grande Celebrates Day of the River by Bess Metcalf

10 Sidebar: Successful Volunteer Recruitment by Elaine Lockhart

15  Event Checklist

16  Hosting an Annual Dinner by Jeff Skelding

17  Sidebar: How to Get Media Sponsorship by Andy Robinson

18  Reducing the Risks of Special Events by Leslie White

21  References & Resources

22  Techniques for Getting Volunteers and Raising Funds by Jim Earhart

23  River Network Partnership Benefits

24  River Network Supporters

Resource Materials