River Voices Volume 9 Number 1, 1998: Riparian Buffers

1 Rationale, Strategies and Resources for Restoring and Protecting Streamside Corridors by Sarah Faulkner Leff

3 From the President

7  What is a Buffer? by River Network Staff

8  Ecology of Natural Riparia by George Constantz

11 Guidelines for Gathering and Mapping Data for River Corridor Lands by Russell Cohen and Maria Van Dusen

13 Sample Property Information Sheet

14 National Conservation Buffer Initiative by Nancy Mathews

16 Technical Factors for Riparian Buffer Implementation by Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells and Thomas J. Denbow

19 21 Years: The Ever-changing Bear Creek by Wayne Elmore

22 Urban Riparian Restoration in the Difficult Run Watershed by Judy Okay

24 Case Study: Champion

26  References & Resources

27  River Network Partnership Benefits

28  River Network Supporters

Resource Materials