Strengthening your Advocacy and Community Organizing

For a limited time you will find a PDF copy of the March 16, 2017 Webinar: Strengthening your Advocacy and Community Organizing.

Regardless of political affiliations, the general public remains interested and committed to having clean and ample water for our everyday activities and operations. How we go about protecting our watersheds largely depends on our strategies and public policies, despite our limited resources.

River Network and Alliance for Justice presented this 90- minute FREE webinar discussing the relationship between community organizing and advocacy.  We incorporated free tools to help clarify the components of strong advocacy and community organizing programs. We discussed how to talk to funders about supporting such programs. The webinar addressed questions such as:

  • What are all of the targets for policy advocacy and how do you determine which ones your organization should focus on?
  • What steps do community organizers often go through to engage and build leadership in their community?
  • Where is your organization strongest and what areas do you want to focus on strengthening?
  • What should and shouldn’t you say to prospective funders about your advocacy and organizing work?

If you would like a recorded copy of this session, or you have any questions please email Paco Ollervides

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