Webinar: Water Quality Monitoring for Impact and Engagement

This webinar was sponsored by the Urban Waters Learning Network and recorded on April 8, 2015

Description: In this recording, Stacey Eriksen reviews EPA resources available to support volunteer monitoring programs and outlines considerations in creating a QAPP; Jason Ulseth describes Chatahoochee’s Neighborhood Water Watch Program, which collects data weekly across nearly 80 sites to effect real on-the-ground change; and Rachel Hansgen describes the key role that partnerships play in Groundwork Denver’s monitoring program, which is part of that organization’s “ladder of engagement opportunities” for Denver’s urban youth.

Presenters: Stacey Eriksen, EPA Regional Coordinator (EPA Region 8); Jason Ulseth, Chatahoochee Riverkeeper (Atlanta, GA) & Rachel Hansgen, Groundwork Denver Program Manager (Denver, CO).

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