New River Network and WaterNow Alliance Program Aims to Grow Collaborative, Durable Relationships Between Local Community Groups and Water Systems

Like many of you, I have seen too many examples in the last few years where trust between a local community and their water system has eroded because, for example, key information was withheld. Unfortunately those limited cases can erode trust beyond the impacted community and make others question and lose trust in their local… Read More

Helping Nonprofits Operate as Successful Organizations

Close up of rocks and trees in a river bed
Is it just me, or does anyone else cringe when you have to introduce yourself and state your job title? I cringe, not because I regret my career choice (I love my job, in fact!), but because I don’t have one of those titles that is self-explanatory – sales manager, science director, wildlife biologist. If... Read More

Equitable Water Infrastructure in the COVID-19 Crisis

With the COVID-19 pandemic front of mind, protecting public health is the priority. This includes our newest lingo, social distancing, as well as lots of really good handwashing. But – what if you don’t have running water in your house? How do you wash your hands and stay healthy? (Note that COVID-19 has NOT been… Read More

USFS and River Network Launch Inaugural Wild & Scenic Rivers Stewardship Partnership Program

Photo courtesy Chattooga Conservancy.
This post originally appeared in the winter 2019 issue of River Management Society's RMS Journal. “These programs are building resilience and critical thinking skills and confidence for kids in the community,” says Oak Rankin, Executive Director of the Glacier Peak Institute (GPI) in Darrington, Washington, referring to their outdoor and environmental education programming on the... Read More

Empowering Environmental Water Transactions Across the Network

Photo by Sinjin Eberle/American Rivers.
In October 2019, River Network convened our fourth annual Environmental Water Transactions Network gathering in Flagstaff, Arizona. Though we are neither an expert on environmental water transactions (EWTs), nor do we implement them, this annual meeting is an opportunity to flex our expertise in bringing together practitioners to share learning and leveraging the “power of... Read More

River Hero Spotlight: Amanda Pitzer Continues a Legacy

Music while you're reading: The Way Things Are from West Virginia Serenade by Keith & Joan Pitzer Listen here. Ten years ago, we lost a remarkable person and a powerhouse in the water protector community. Keith Pitzer, executive director of Friends of the Cheat, was awarded the River Hero award posthumously in 2010. Keith believed in River... Read More

Centering Equity: River Network’s Drinking Water Guide

Water Equity: What Does It Mean? The US Water Alliance defines water equity as the point at which “all communities have access to safe, clean, affordable drinking water and wastewater services; are resilient in the face of floods, drought, and other climate risks; have a role in decision-making processes related to water management in their... Read More

¡Guía de Agua Potable – En Español!

Click here to read this story in English. Mi trabajo en el ámbito de la conservación siempre se ha inspirado en la intersección del agua y las personas: la conservación y la comunidad. Una experiencia clave que marcó mi carrera y que me llevó a unirme al movimiento de protección del agua fue la que... Read More

Drinking Water Guide – In Spanish!

Presione aqui para leer este articulo en Español. My work on water has always been inspired by the intersection of water and people – conservation and community. The catalyst for joining the water movement was my experience living in Moncion, Dominican Republic in the mid-1990s and witnessing the direct impact of a dam that caused… Read More