Water Neutral Growth? Check out Net Blue

Here in North Carolina, water levels in streams and rivers are declining. Rapid growth, increased consumptive water use and climate change are all contributing factors that place drinking water supplies at-risk. This mirrors what we found across the Southeast in our report on Protecting and Restoring Flows in this region. Water scarcity now threatens many… Read More

Fight the Attempt to Kill the Clean Water Rule

This is a guest post by River Network Board Vice-Chair Rebecca Wodder. In his February address to Congress, President Donald Trump promised clean water for all Americans. Why, then, is his administration intent on dismantling protections that cover a third of the nation’s drinking water? Trump has directed the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S…. Read More

Congratulations, 2017 Urban Waters Learning Network Award Winners!

  The Urban Waters Learning Network Awards celebrate Learning Network members making significant achievements toward improving their urban waterways and revitalizing the neighborhoods around them. These members embody the spirit and value of the Learning Network and exemplify the Urban Waters Learning Network’s goal of providing peer-to-peer support, solving challenges through collaboration, and sharing. Award… Read More

Infrastructure Investment? Time for some Integrated Thinking

Eight years ago, Congress invested big-time in infrastructure, including water infrastructure through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Investing in our crumbling water infrastructure creates jobs and generates money throughout the economy. Already, there are the beginnings of infrastructure proposals on the table from both Democrats and the Trump Administration. Undoubtedly lots of fighting… Read More

Southeastern Drought Highlights the Need for Flow Protection Policy

Across the southeast, river protection groups and clean water advocates are raising the alarm as extreme drought conditions continue to spread following several months of below normal rainfall and hotter than normal temperatures. Photographs show waterfalls with no falling water, shoals with no tumbling water, only dry riverbed and rock, and stranded and dying rare… Read More

Resilience at the Water’s Edge

It’s sticky hot and humid here in North Carolina right now – the kind of days that don’t really cool down all that much at night. And even though those of us who grew up or have lived here for a long time are well used to it, it’s going to keep getting hotter. Already… Read More

River Network Announces 2016 James R. Compton River Achievement Award Winner

Boulder, CO (May 24, 2016) – River Network has named Wilma Subra of New Iberia, La., the 2016 James R. Compton River Achievement Award winner. The award was given in recognition of Subra’s long-term dedication to addressing environmental and human health impacts, including her extraordinary attention to issues concerning water resources. Subra’s background includes more… Read More