Data Visualization Services

This live web chart is an example of a plot that was built with R, then converted to a live plot and published using Plotly. The data for this example has been provided by the Lake Pend Oreille Waterkeeper’s volunteer monitoring program. This chart can be set to auto-update as you enter new data online into googlesheets or another location.

Professionally store and display your data, all in one place

Water quality monitoring, data collection, and analysis are vital for understanding and caring for streams and aquatic ecosystems. When you present your findings to decision makers and the public it should be simple and intuitive. Data visualization services can help transform your raw data into figures, maps, and help tell stories for wider impact.

These online services provide an integrated and smooth way of turning data into interactive and automatic updating displays which can be featured on your website. There are affordable options for nonprofits and online communities and resources to help you get started.

Things to consider when looking into data visualization services

Cost: Many options are not cheap, but may offer free or reduced cost versions for nonprofits. Even if the software or access to online services are free, there may be costs associated with hosting data online or limits on the number of charts you can make or on the number of people with whom you can share your creations.

Usability: Some services offer tons of options and features—many that you won’t need—and it can be daunting to identify and use the features that are most helpful to you. While most options don’t require coding experience, it can prove helpful. Luckily there are ample online resources to help you figure things out.

Integrations: Tying your data to mapping platforms, graphical design software, statistical software, and other online services can create more useful and impactful products. For example, if you want to present your data in the form of a map, you should make sure your data visualization service can create maps or can integrate with mapping platforms like ESRI or Leaflet.

Service Cost* Help / Support Examples
HighCharts Free for non-profits How to


Gulf Citizen Science Data Portal (includes Leaflet and javascript)
Plotly Free for public charts only (limited) Tutorials

R + Plotly examples

MacKenzie DataStream

see Plotly + R example at top of page

Tableau ‘Tableau Public’–free but data is public Training videos

How-to videos and webinars

Beach closures dashboard

Upper CO River data dashboard

Google Data Studio Free Tutorials Lake Pend Oreille Waterkeeper

New River Conservancy

QlikSense Free Tutorials

*  There may be additional costs for data storage or hosting charts and graphs online.