Lead and Copper Rule Revision

June 2018

Michigan revised its LCR in 2018, making it the strictest in the nation. The lead action level of 15 ppb will drop to 12 ppb on January 1, 2025. The rule mandates full lead service line replacement within 20 years at a rate of at least five percent per year regardless of whether a water system exceeds the Lead Action Level. The rule bans partial replacement of lead service lines, and water utilities are responsible for paying the full cost of complete lead service line replacement. Sampling requirements and methods were also updated to improve reliability of sampling. A Distribution System Materials Inventory was also outlined in the rule, establishing timelines for updating comprehensive inventories of lead service lines, the status of replacement efforts, and informing residents of the presence of service line content. The rule also increased transparency, including the development of a state water system advisory council to help develop public awareness campaign materials. Every water system with more than 50,000 customers must also have a Water System Advisory Council.  

  • Action Agency(ies): EGLE
  • Policy Champions: National Coalition for Legislation on Affordable Water, Flint Rising, Michigan League of Conservation Voters, Great Lakes Environmental Law Center, People's Water Board Coalition, Natural Resources Defense Council
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