Senate Bill 6413


Prohibited the discharge or use of class B firefighting foam, beginning July 2018, and prohibited the manufacturing or sale of PFAS-based firefighting foams, beginning July 2020. One drawback of the language is that it does allow class B 20 firefighting foam “where the inclusion of PFAS chemicals are required by federal law.” Firefighting personal protective equipment that contains PFAS chemicals must be sold with a written notice informing the purchaser of the presence of PFAS. “A manufacturer of class B firefighting foam in violation… of this act is subject to a civil penalty not to exceed five thousand dollars for each violation in the case of a first offense. Manufacturers, local governments, or persons that are repeat violators are subject to a civil penalty not to exceed ten thousand dollars for each repeat offense. Penalties collected… must be deposited in the state toxics control account.” 

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