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Project Bank Helps Companies Invest in Local Water Projects


The Business for Water Stewardship Project Bank (BWS Project Bank) is a website where river groups feature their restoration projects and connect to businesses who want to support water restoration. Over twenty-five River Network member-groups have signed up to use the BWS Project Bank and nine organizations have uploaded projects to the Bank.

Here are a few of the projects already featured on the Bank:

The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) developed the BWS Project Bank in response to the growing number of businesses who want to support projects that restore river flows and recharge ground water. BEF teamed up with River Network so that our dues-paying members could access the Project Bank to feature their restoration work and connect with potential business supporters.

Water is an essential ingredient in most consumer products including the manufacturing processes and the source materials used. More and more companies are interested in investing in water security because it makes good business sense, helps meet corporate sustainability and water-neutrality goals, and benefits the health and well-being of their workers and the communities where they operate.

BEF has worked with over 50 companies to support dozens of projects across 11 states and Mexico, and they are actively developing businesses support and profile projects that allow companies to make important environmental watershed improvement outcomes.

BEF uses the Project Bank to share and learn about organizations and restoration projects and to represent specific projects to companies seeking opportunities to support environmental water stewardship. Where there is a match between a company’s interests and a restoration project, they may elect to provide funding to support those efforts.

Visit the BWS Project Bank webpage to find an overview of the Project Bank’s purpose and the types of projects that are eligible for inclusion.

River Network’s partnership with the Project Bank has now ended.

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