Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Resources

View the Peer Call “What’s in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act for Water” Part 1 here:


Peer Call “What’s in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act for Water”  Part 2, led by American Rivers, explores the opportunities within IIJA related to removal, rehabilitation, and retrofit of dams and western water issues.


Resources from the water community

Resources from the federal government

Implementation Advocacy and Tools

State-level Model Resolution

  • Model Resolution to create Environmental Justice Oversight Committees at the state level to define “disadvantaged communities” and provide oversight and recommendations regarding the implementation of IIJA.

River Network’s Equitable Water Infrastructure Toolkit

River Network’s State Revolving Fund Advocacy Toolkit

  • River Network’s SRF Advocacy Toolkit breaks down how SRFs function, what projects can use SRF dollars, and includes advocacy examples and recommendations, along with tools local and state groups can use.

River Network’s State Revolving Fund Resource Page

  • Includes helpful links to SRF program basics and how SRFs can fund green infrastructure and wastewater projects, address affordability and equity, and how to leverage SRFs through partnerships.

State Revolving Fund Switchboard by Spring Point and Southwest Environmental Finance Center

State Revolving Fund (SRF) State Advocates Forum

  • Join advocates from across the country in a community of practice for those working on equitable implementation of SRF dollars in their communities.
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Resource Materials