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River Network Launches Searchable Map for Water Protectors

April 27, 2018 [Boulder, Colorado] – River Network, the foremost national nonprofit connecting water-focused groups, will launch Who Is Protecting Your Water?, an interactive, searchable map of thousands of organizations, agencies, and Indigenous communities protecting water across the U.S. The map will launch in beta at River Rally (Olympic Valley, California, April 29–May 2, 2018), the annual gathering of water protectors and conservationists hosted by River Network.

Approximately 250,000 rivers flow through America’s landscape. Who Is Protecting Your Water? shows these rivers and their tributaries through EPA regions and major U.S. river basins—down to the tributaries and streams that feed these rivers. It reveals over 6,000 groups, Indigenous communities, and government agencies that work to protect and restore rivers and drinking water.

Who Is Protecting Your Water? also highlights stretches of rivers protected by the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act—celebrating 50 years in 2018—including 12,000 miles of 200+ rivers designated in 40 states and Puerto Rico.

“Never before have we had a map that shows the network that protects and restores our rivers and the waters that sustain us,” says Nicole Silk, President of River Network. “This publicly accessible map gives anyone anywhere the opportunity to connect with groups doing great work at the local level for the rivers and other waters that supply your drinking water, nourish our fisheries, support the food and fiber we all depend upon, and fuel the growing outdoor recreation economy. This is a big and powerful network that we are glad to make more visible.”

The map helps the interested public find local or regional organizations working to protect waters in order to report pollution or other issues, volunteer, or provide other forms of support to these groups. Nonprofits and NGOs can find other local advocates or project partners. And government agencies can find local nonprofits/NGOs working in their region.

Any individual or group can use the map to:

  1. Search a zip code to view local waters and water protectors.
  2. Explore regions by clicking on and zooming in on states, rivers, and tributaries.
  3. View Wild and Scenic River designations.
  4. View water-protector information. Many results provide website and contact information.
  5. Connect! Get involved with local organizations through networking and support.
  6. Embed the map on a website or share on social media.

This map is community-supported and will be updated continually as River Network becomes aware of additional organizations and entities working to protect water. 

About River Network
River Network is the foremost nonprofit connecting nearly 6,000 water-focused organizations, agencies, businesses, and communities for greater local impact and healthier rivers across the U.S.

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