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Times Like This Show Us How Much We Need the EPA

As I see the tremendous devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, I am heartbroken for all those who are suffering and I am heartened by all those who are stepping up to help, however they can. The impacted communities have many needs and a lot more support will be required to help them continue to recover.

One key source of help that is often overlooked but is vital to disaster response and recovery efforts is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They play a critical role in helping communities deal with a multitude of issues after disasters, including how to remediate and control contamination from flooded sewage treatment, Superfund, toxic waste, and industrial sites.

Fred Krupp, the president of Environmental Defense Fund, does a great job outlining the critical role EPA plays in protecting our communities and families – especially during natural disasters – in his article “Trump Team Gutting EPA When We Need It Most.”

Krupp also highlights President Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s current efforts to dramatically cut the EPA’s budget, staff, and several key programs, and how those cuts will harm communities and families, especially when we need the EPA most.

Now is a critical time for as many of us as possible to get the word out. We need the EPA to protect our communities with critical help after natural and manmade disasters.

River Network recently published an online Federal Budget Toolkit to support you in getting the word out on how EPA budget cuts will impact your watersheds and communities. In the Toolkit you will find:

Stay in touch and let us know how you get the word out in your watershed, community and state.

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