Our Priorities: Clean, Safe, and Affordable Drinking Water

Drinking water is fundamental to our health, economy, and well-being, yet across our nation, access is not equal or equitable. By equipping local groups with the knowledge and capacity to advocate for their needs and influence water utilities, we can help guarantee that no one will be deprived of access to this crucial resource.

Below, learn about River Network’s work related to drinking water and water infrastructure, and connect with our staff working on these issues.

Connect with Peers in the Drinking Water Access Exchange

This group was created to share and receive pertinent updates on the fight to halt water shutoffs and restore water access during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now serves as a platform for all working on drinking water access issues to share solutions and collaborate. Frontline groups, advocates and all others interested in staying up-to-date on this issue are invited to join and learn more about what’s being done across the country to end water shutoffs and ensure safe and affordable water for all.

Explore the Drinking Water Guide


River Network’s Drinking Water Guide, available in both English and Spanish, is a first step in galvanizing a national network of advocates for safe, clean, affordable, and sustainable drinking water and drinking water systems.

The Guide is free to download and grounded in a philosophy of water equity. It serves as a key resource for groups and individuals working on these issues to better understand, integrate, and elevate issues of equity and justice as part of their drinking water advocacy.

Read the latest from our staff and partners on our drinking water work and what’s happening across the network:



The State Policy Hub currently highlights policies, resolutions, and plans related to drinking water focus areas: AccessAffordability, LeadPFASRegionalization & Consolidation, and Water Data Access & Availability.

Use the Hub to find state policy language and examples of effective advocacy efforts at the state level.

State Policy Showcase: Human Right to Water

Watch: The Drinking Water Playlist

Hear from Amanda Monaco (Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability) and Jorge Aguilar (Food and Water Watch) about the Human Right to Water policies in California and Virginia.

Watch on YouTube

Check out our brand new Drinking Water 101 YouTube playlist! Each video breaks down a different section of our Drinking Water Guide to help you understand and advocate for your community’s drinking water.

Watch on YouTube


A collection of go-to resources on all things drinking water, curated by River Network staff. Find helpful information on a variety of topics including:

  • Drinking Water Basics
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Water Equity

Read more

Plus, explore additional resources from our partners at the Source Water Collaborative and the Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative.