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Introducing River Network’s State Policy Hub

Which states have passed laws regulating the pervasive PFAS that contaminate our drinking water? What does a human right to water resolution include? How are states advancing the removal of lead service lines and reducing the risks of lead exposure from the water coming out of our taps? With support from the Water Foundation, River Network addresses these questions and more with the launch of our State Policy Hub.

Regardless of who is at the helm at the federal level, states are innovating and leading on multiple aspects of water policy. River Network’s State Policy Hub helps our network, and anyone interested in water policy, in advocating for progressive water protections at the state level by providing a useful one-stop-shop on key policy language, lessons from advocates, and additional resources. Our new State Policy Hub includes examples of policy language and effective advocacy efforts around issues of water data accessibility and transparency, drinking water quality, safety and contamination, regionalization and consolidation, affordability, and access. The online database offers an organized inventory of policies, resolutions, and plans, with the ability to search the Hub by focus area, state, and relevant keywords. 

Beyond the database of state policies, the State Policy Hub provides helpful synopses of each issue area, relevant lessons from the network, and deep dives highlighting policy language and providing context for how organizations across the network strategize and advocate for policy change and ensure implementation is a success. The Hub is a tool for advocates to use and learn from; drinking water advocates share how they center their communities for change, build partnerships and coalitions, and leverage the lived experiences of those affected by a myriad of issues related to clean water to achieve meaningful policy solutions.

The Hub is meant to be a resource for clean water advocates across the country; we want it to serve YOUR needs. With this intention, we invite you to share what else you would like to see featured as we expand the scope of the State Policy Hub: whether adding policies related to climate adaption, flooding, agricultural pollution reduction, wetland protection, or other pressing issues from your state. Explore the Hub and let us know what you think! 

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