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Drinking Water: The Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s Drinking Water Branch states: “[the branch] carries out the requirements of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) which is designed to ensure that Public Water Supplies (PWS) deliver water to Hoosier homes and businesses that is adequate in quantity and is safe to drink. We do this by concentrating on the water from the source all the way to the tap. The Drinking Water Branch consists of the following sections: ComplianceInspectionGroundwaterCapacity Development & Operator Certification, and Permits.”



Bolstering CWA Protections

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Drinking Water

House Bill 1138


The act requires that preschools and child care facilities test for the presence of lead in their drinking water by January 1, 2026. If the results show that lead is above or equal to the action level of 15ppb, the owner or operator of the facility/school must eliminate the source of lead or install a water filtration system. An annual report detailing the amount of facilities tested, actions taken to eliminate lead contamination, and available funds must be created by the public finance director for the general assembly. The Act also requires that the Environmental Rules Board adopt rules that conform with the EPA’s proposed Lead and Copper Rule Improvements.

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Environmental Justice

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Open Water Data

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