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Drinking Water: Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection’s Division of Water (KDOW) is responsible for ensuring a safe and clean drinking water supply. State agencies that support water system partnerships include KDOW, Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC), and Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA). 



Bolstering CWA Protections

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Drinking Water

SB 409


SB 409 created and amended sections of Kentucky Revised Statutes to create a structured planning process for water services throughout the state and encouraged regionalization of water systems. According to the US Water Alliance, “Goals of the legislation included regionalizing water systems and making potable water available to more residents. The legislation designated the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority as the state agency responsible for developing programs to achieve these goals. Under this program, 15 area development districts across the state prioritize local water projects for state funding based on their alignment to the legislation’s goals” (p. 8). Results of the act include increasing potable water access to 95% of Kentucky households.  

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Environmental Justice

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Open Water Data

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